You can now sign up for a plot in one of our four community gardens, which are going to be located in the following parks in Southside Bethlehem: Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, the Maze Garden, Roberto Clemente Park, and Ullman Park (a.k.a. “Junk” Park). Just follow the directions below, or look for the link (listed under “Pages”) on the right margin of this page. Thanks for your interest in our project; we look forward to planting a garden with you soon!

By joining with the Southside Community Gardens, you are helping our community remain a beautiful, healthy place.  And you get to enjoy delicious food while you do it!

We will be breaking ground soon, in order to build beds and set up the gardens for planting by May.  You can sign up here for your plot, and we will be in touch to notify you regarding when we will break ground.

Click Here for Sign-Up Sheet.  Congratulations!

If you would like to contact us, please email us at <>, or call 570-540-0239 (after 5 p.m. if possible).


Rising From The Ashes!
The MAZE Garden First Friday Event:

I’m sure you have heard about the fire Sunday on Bethlehem’s South Side. Two buildings on the corner of Third and New Street, a restaurant and apartment, were burned and then razed.

What you may not be aware of is that beside that now vacant lot is the MAZE Garden, a community garden that offers a gathering place for community residents and produces food for donation to area food pantries.

Fortunately the garden sustained only minimal damage from the fire and demolition but the future of the site is now in question!
Please join us for First Friday, September 4th, to support the MAZE and promote community gardening throughout Bethlehem.

We will have DJ ARM spinning music, food provided by our garden volunteers and information from local community organizations. The South Side Initiative is proposing sites and seeking input from residents on the location and design for a new community garden and The Hip-Hop Caucus is promoting the upcoming Green the Block community clean up and celebration on 9/11.

The MAZE Garden needs you!
Come see what we are doing for the community in the wake of a tragic event.
Let’s put down roots and celebrate our survival!

Join us on First Friday (September 4th) at 6:00 in the MAZE Garden on the corner of Third and New Street.