Several people involved with the Southside Community Gardens group, along with local leaders and other people active in the sustainability community in the Lehigh Valley, attended the following event in Easton, PA, on November 12th at 7:30 p.m. in Lafayette College’s Oechsle Hall: “Green the Ghetto: And How Much It Won’t Cost Us,” with Majora Carter, founder of Sustainable South Bronx (  The success of this event, for which the attendance and response was significant, speaks to the fact that there is growing interest in the Lehigh Valley in the work we are trying to do, and attests that there are like-minded groups and individuals in the area with whom we can partner as we move forward in our efforts to bring the positive effects of community gardening, greenways, and sustainable living to the southside of Bethlehem.  While the scope of the work of Sustainable South Bronx may seem beyond our immediate goals at this point in time, and especially at this early stage, SSBX, whose work is also connected to a planned greenway, is instructive for our project; it serves as a resource and guide we can look to during the initial stages of our work in Bethlehem’s Southside, and an inspiration as we consider expanding our vision in the future.