Below is a link to a recent article from the New York Times about a new trend in sustainable agriculture and community gardening: company gardens located at the headquarters of major corporations. Many large corporations, from PepsiCo and Kohl’s to Google and Best Buy, view recently installed company gardens as a new benefit for workers amidst an economic climate that has forced employers to cut back on traditional perks. Corporate gardens also have the potential to lift morale, offer a break from the monotony of the work day, encourage team-building skills, and provide fresh, healthy food for workers and local food banks.

Reaping Benefits in the Corporate Garden

And the Southside Community Gardens (SCG) project is in the process of planning several upcoming events at the Maze Garden as spring gardening shifts into high gear. First, on Saturday, May 22, we will be holding a plant sale, from 9 a.m to Noon.  Details are still in the works, but the Turnip Truck, an Organic Kitchen Garden Service located in Bucks County, has offered to donate a good selection of organic plants to our project; we will be offering these plants for sale on the

The Turnip Truck

morning of May 22. A Master gardener will also be on hand to answer planting and gardening questions. Additionally, the folks signed up to garden at the Maze are planning a work day for that morning, when they hope to be ready to plant herbs and vegetables in the beds there. Then, on Friday, June 4, we will be holding another First Friday potluck at the Maze Garden, from 6 – 9 p.m. , with music likely provided by local DJ Arm 18. Please come out and join us for these events at the Maze Garden, located on the Southside at the intersection of New and Third Streets.  Check back here for more information throughout the next few weeks.

In the meantime, if you are interested in signing up to garden a plot at one of the SCG sites, or if you would just like to learn more about our project, please contact us at

We hope to see you soon!