Please join us on First Friday, June 4th, from 6 – 9 p.m., as we welcome summer to the Southside with a night of food, music, and friendly conversation at the Maze Garden, located on Bethlehem’s Southside at the intersection of 3rd and New Streets. With the cold weather finally behind us, let’s get together on what we hope will be a warm, early summer evening and see the wonderful progress we’ve made at the Maze, which looks beautiful after all the hard work the gardeners did last week. To mark the occasion, the Southside Community Gardens project will be hosting a potluck dinner, with music provided by local performing artist DJ Arm 18. Please bring a dish to share, or a non-alcoholic beverage. We hope to have similar events at the Maze on First Fridays throughout the summer; please come out and help us make the first one a great success, as we try to make the Maze Garden a central gathering space for Southside Community Gardens events and activities throughout the summer and fall. Here is a flier with more details.

I also want to share a story that connects many of the ideas and possibilities discussed here for building a thriving local food community in the Lehigh Valley. In previous posts, I have mentioned the farm-to-table movement, as well as efforts to revitalize local agriculture in Appalachia; here is a story, from a wonderful blog called Farm to Table, about a city deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Asheville, N.C., with an active, successful farm-to-table community and a number of prosperous family-owned farms. The story focuses on the work of the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), and it touches on several of the diverse components many group members envision as part of our project—bringing local food into schools, incorporating food literacy into the curriculum, and making fresh food available at food banks or through other welfare programs. The article also brings to mind the important work of and resources provided by the Greater Lehigh Valley chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local, and suggests ways we could work with them. Take a second to read the story, and to explore the Farm to Table site.

Power in Community: How a Local Food Movement Changed a City

Finally, there is a work day scheduled for the Maze Garden this Sunday, May 30, beginning around 1 p.m. We will be building on the great start we got last week, and welcome anyone who wants to spend some of their Sunday afternoon working in the garden. There is plenty of work to do, so please stop by.

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