By joining with the Southside Community Gardens, you are helping our community remain a beautiful, healthy place.  And you get to enjoy delicious food while you do it!

We will be breaking ground soon, in order to build beds and set up the gardens for planting by May.  You can sign up here for your plot, and we will be in touch to notify you regarding when we will break ground.

Click Here for Sign-Up Sheet.  Congratulations!

If you would like to contact us, please email us at <>, or call 570-540-0239 (after 5 p.m. if possible).


2 Responses to “Sign Up For Your Garden Plot!”

  1. Gail Micca Says:

    I realize it’s quite late to be looking for a plot, but if there are any available, please let me know. I live in Upper Macungie so if you can refer me to something closer to me, that would be great.
    thanks so much

    • Blaine Waide Says:

      Yes, there are plots still available at Ullman Park, Roberto Clemente Park, and the Maze Garden. Details about upcoming meetings/events at these gardens will be up on the blog soon.

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