An Upcoming Presentation on Pennsylvania’s Environmental History

September 9, 2010

With the Fall semester underway, there promises to again be a number of on-campus activites of interest to the community gardening and sustainability communities in the Lehigh Valley. Things get started next week, when the Friends of the Lehigh Libraries and the South Side Initiative are cosponsoring a talk that is relevant to members and friends of the Southside Community Gardens (SCG) project, as well as Bethlehem area and Lehigh Valley residents interested in the recent history of environmental issues in the Valley and the Commonwealth.

Paul Rosier, a Pennsylvania Humanities Council Commonwealth Speaker, will be speaking on September 16th at 4 p.m. in the newly opened STEPS building, 101 STEPS auditorium, on the Lehigh University campus, 1 West Packer Avenue. Professor Rosier, an associate professor of history at Villanova University, will deliver a presentation entitled “Pennsylvania Environmental History: From Earth Day 1970 to Global Warming” in which he will address important historical and contemporary environmental issues that have affected Pennsylvania from the first Earth Day in 1970 to the present. He will also explore topics such as Pennsylvania’s own Rachel Carson and the impact of Silent Spring, the Three Mile Island nuclear crisis, the Centralia coal fire, the problem of invasive species, suburban expansion into farmland, and more. Rosier concludes his presentation with a review of why Pennsylvania produces 1% of the world’s greenhouse emissions and what people can do about it.

The talk is free and open to the public. Here is a flier with more information.


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